This page outlines a very important aspect of your sessions.

I adhere to the UKCP and ACC ethical frameworks.

It is a professional requirement for me to receive regular supervision. This includes discussing my client case load. Your specific details will not be disclosed.

 Confidentiality is a very important aspect of your protection as a client. I assure you that I will keep in confidence whatever you tell me about your personal life during your sessions. However, there are limitations to this. They are:

 1. If I considered that you were at immediate and serious risk of causing harm to yourself or others I would contact your GP or the emergency services.

 2. If you were to disclose certain illegal activities(specifically, terrorism, money laundering or drug trafficking) I am required to inform the police.

3. In rare cases a court may compel a therapist to break confidentiality.

Under these circumstances, I would inform you first (if at all possible) should I need to breach your confidentiality.